Samosorn Thai Local Food Hall


Samosorn dishes up delicious, hawker-style Thai delights right in the heart of Westfield, Pitt Street. The project consisted of:

1x Stainless Steel kitchen exhaust hood (5400 x 1100 x 750 H) manufactured as two hoods and installed with heatproof lights.

1x Stainless steel kitchen exhaust hood (2720 x 1100 x 750 H) with heat resistant lights

1x Stainless steel dishwasher hood (1000 x 1000 x 450 H)

The mechanical ventilation design and installation consisted of kitchen exhaust fan and ventilation ducting.

JC Ventilation started with the design of the mechanical ventilation system. The installation consisted of kitchen exhaust hoods that were made as two hoods (5400 x 1100 x 750 h).

Once these were installed, a stainless steel island exhaust hood (2720 x 1110 x 750 H) was installed followed by the dishwasher hood which was the final part to be installed, this hood was located at the back of the commercial kitchen area.

On the mechanical ventilation design, the kitchen exhaust system includes kitchen ducting and a kitchen exhaust fan. The mechanical engineer designed the system to have low dba as it was important that the ducting and kitchen exhaust fan had little noise through the ventilation system.

The amount of airflow was achieved through a 3 phase booster fan and the ducting being insulated meant little noise at kitchen level. The end result was a very pleasing outcome for this project.

  • Client :  Samosorn Thai Local Food Hall
  • Address :  LP27/450 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000