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JC ventilation is well-known in the industry for designing, manufacturing, and installing commercial kitchen hoods, kitchen ventilation systems, and smoke and odour control systems.

Our services also include the commissioning and testing of the ventilation system, which includes air balancing and test reporting, and the final step will be the issuance of a certificate of conformity, which is certified by a mechanical engineer.

JC Ventilation meets AS 1668 Parts 1 and 2 as well as BCA performance criteria.

JC Ventilation & Engineering has designed, manufactured and installed and certification for


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A kitchen exhaust hood’s basic function is to remove heat and containments created by cooking oils while also providing a clean kitchen and reducing fire threats in a commercial kitchen. The shape and geometry of a kitchen exhaust hood are two aspects that impact it. Remember that bringing make-up air into the kitchen makes it a considerably cooler atmosphere for the crew to work in.

Depending on the fat content and how they are cooked, certain menu items emit more smoke and grease than others. The higher the fat content, independent of the kind of cooking process, the more smoke and grease is released, making the design rate in a kitchen exhaust hood and design so critical and further filtration to remove smoke and odour control we implement into the design electrostatic precipitators and uv ozone and activated carbon filtration systems whether discharging the exhaust air at roof or street level.

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