Kitchen exhaust fan replacement

JC Ventilation & Engineering designs, manufactures and installs kitchen exhaust hoods that meet our client’s kitchens needs for their cooking process.

All of our Kitchen exhaust hoods are manufactured and designed to Australian Standards and also can be constructed in stainless steel or galvanised steel. When constructed in stainless steel the kitchen exhaust hoods are fully welded and polished and optional are heat proof glass with fluorescent lights if desired.

All kitchen exhaust hoods will be fitted with approved grease filters. The function of grease filters to remove particles and gases. Proprietary makes of grease filters comprise of honeycomb of corrugated of aluminium sheet designed to collect grease particles that com into contact with metal surfaces. These filters are washable and need to be cleaned on regular intervals to maintain their efficiency. Failure to clean the filters will result in blocking and severe drop in exhaust air velocity.

JC Ventilation has designed and installed a wide range of kitchen exhaust hoods including:


Best practises

We have a wide range of products to suit a number of general and specialised applications from kitchen exhaust systems to make up air systems. Each of these applications places different demands of the fan, from the airflow requirements to the specific design. JC Ventilation & Engineering has 50 years experience which we understand these demands and we have the knowledge and skill to design and engineer and provide exhaust fans to suit your application.

Fan selection is very important selecting the right kitchen exhaust fan can save the customer money on electricity and the most important thing unnecessary noise in the kitchen. Centrifugal fans are the best option they are very quiet and powerful.Exhaust fans 6 to 4 pole are selected and most of the time silencers are not needed. Recommended to the fan are speed controllers this will assist during the systems commissioning to adjust the right exhaust air flow. A two speed switch has the advantage of giving choice of air flow to the system.

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