Assamm QVB


JC Ventilation was approached to work on the Assamm restaurant in Queen Victoria Building.

The Assamm QVB project consisted of:

4x Commercial range hoods (low back type 3026x1200x800H) with flame-guard stainless steel filters and heatproof lights.

1x Dishwasher kitchen exhaust hood (1000x1000x400H)

1x Make up air system

1x Air conditioning system which included oval ducting and 2 temper zone systems to service the dining area.

The building management and the local council required a detailed mechanical design of the works and once approved, work began promptly.

Due to ceiling constraints in the restaurant, the kitchen exhaust hoods were designed with a low back type and manufactured with four separate commercial range hoods.

The mechanical ductwork for the commercial range hoods was connected to the buildings mechanical main system with volume control dampers. In the design and mechanical works, a make-up air system was implemented to service the kitchen area. An air conditioning system was also implemented.

  • Client :  Assámm
  • Address :  Queen Victoria Building, 17 George St, Sydney NSW 2000