Exhaust Hoods

JC Ventilation & Engineering designs, manufactures and installs kitchen exhaust hoods that meet our client’s kitchens needs for their cooking process.

All of our Kitchen exhaust hoods are manufactured and designed to Australian Standards and also can be constructed in stainless steel or galvanised steel. When constructed in stainless steel the kitchen exhaust hoods are fully welded and polished and optional are heat proof glass with fluorescent lights if desired.

All kitchen exhaust hoods will be fitted with approved grease filters. The function of grease filters to remove particles and gases. Proprietary makes of grease filters comprise of honeycomb of corrugated of aluminium sheet designed to collect grease particles that com into contact with metal surfaces. These filters are washable and need to be cleaned on regular intervals to maintain their efficiency. Failure to clean the filters will result in blocking and severe drop in exhaust air velocity.

JC Ventilation has designed and installed a wide range of kitchen exhaust hoods including:

Low Back Kitchen Exhaust Hood

Single Island Kitchen Exhaust Hood

Wall mounted kitchen exhaust hood

Double Island Kitchen Exhaust Hood

Best practises

The fundamentals of a kitchen exhaust hood is to remove heat and containments produced from cooking oils but also provide clean kitchen and reduction in fire hazards for a commercial kitchen. Several factors which influence kitchen exhaust hoods are style and geometry of a kitchen exhaust hood.Remember it always good idea to bring make up air into the kitchen which make it a much cooler environment for the staff to work.

Depending on menu items they produce more smoke and grease depending on their fat content and how they are cooked. The higher the fat content tend to release more smoke and grease regardless of the type of cooking processes which therefore makes the design rate so important in a kitchen exhaust hood and design style and construction features.

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