Smoke And Odour

We install electrostatic air cleaners they are also know as (ESP) electrostatic precipitator which cleans smoke and grease particles and they can also remove up to 0.01 micron. Another effective way to deal with odour is a odour control unit to neutralize the air from the kitchen exhaust air inside the kitchen exhaust ducting from inside the restaurant. A chemical is lodged inside the ducting from the odour control unit and then the exhaust air is ionized and then purified free of any cooking odours.

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What we offer

Oily fumes and cooking odours emitted from cooking processes from a commercial kitchen must be under strict guidance. Restaurant owners must minimize the emissions of kitchen exhaust air pollutants causing nuisance to the neighbourhood. As a general guideline all emissions should not rise to a air pollution problem including odour nuisance and the fume should be free from visible. Some restaurants have difficult locations, it’s possible that the kitchen exhaust air is contributing to the pollution to the public it’d very important when deciding the location of the kitchen exhaust outlet. The kitchen exhaust outlet should be located where the ventilation is good and smoke can adequately be disappearing with no hindrance. Ensure the kitchen exhaust outlet is exhausting directly upwards. When a restaurant opens for trade it always most likely that no smoke or no odour should be noticed at the kitchen exhaust outlet. The local council and authorities have the power to close any premises if the smoke and odour control become a problem. In most cases smoke and odour control is needed as a council requirement in most cooking processes.

JC Ventilation also offers products which utilise UV technology. How it works by oxidizing odour and grease permanently destroying the altering compounds this process works in two process and first process the UV lights produce ozone from the oxygen in the air which ozone is a very powerful oxidant which interacts with most pollutants such as odour, bacteria, grease and mould. The second stage involves the cleansing operation is then further enhanced through UV tubes breaking down oxygen into single atoms. In kitchen exhaust ducting UV technology has been used and also in kitchen exhaust hoods.

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